Faeries in the Gloaming

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Industry Arts
Occupation writer, figurative artist
Location Nashville, TN, United States
Introduction A faerie astride a dragonfly, a hobgoblin trapped inside of a crow, and troubling dreams about mermaids are all part of the mystery when Eliza and Alfred's father is stolen away by the faeries. After the kidnapping the children travel to the Highlands of Scotland to find their father. Not only do they learn that they have faerie blood, but their father's disappearance is part of a darker plot by Queen Mab to bring together the Unseelie Court and the Unforgiven Dead in order to wield unimaginable power.
Interests Eliza is interested in finding her kidnapped father, fairytales, fairy artifacts, seal maidens, dreams, hobgoblins, and Duncan. Alfred is interested in helping his sister on her quest, magic, talking dogs, outwitting ogres, teasing hobgoblins, and flying on the back of crows. Uncle Ned is interested in locating his nephew and in studying forgotten lore. Duncan is interested in Eliza, Shakespeare, horseback riding, and preparing to go to university. Robin is mostly interested in himself, although he reserves a certain amount of his attention for food.
Favorite Movies Eliza and Alfred are both very fond of magic lantern shows.
Favorite Music Scottish folk music.
Favorite Books The Secret Commonwealth by Robert Kirk, the works of Shakespeare, Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.