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Occupation Wanderer by Intuition
Location United States
Introduction I can be really complicated and I know it.
Interests Anything that makes me think, photography, Traveling, new music, telling the truth, hiking, piano, resentment, walking, summertime, integrity, love, not yelling, my family, holding grudges, pizza, singing, my neices, running, bikram yoga, energy, organic food, sleeping, reading, warm weather, not working boring jobs, creative, self contemplation, self revelation, miracles, openness, non-judgemental people, watermelon, chai tea
Favorite Movies Stealing Beauty, Under the Tuscan Sun, Sister Act 2, Napoleon Dynamite
Favorite Music kings of leon, gomez, beyonce, magic numbers, a fine frenzy, mary j.blige, jason mraz, vampire weekend sucks, patti griffin, the hard lessons, incubus, carl thomas, indie arie, shiny toy guns, the killers, tristan prettyman, lauryn hill
Favorite Books Eat.Pray.Love., Catcher in the Rye, the lion witch & the wardrobe, the snow spider, the velveteen rabbit, 'running with scissors', philosophy, forward thought, religious contemplation, I want to read:, Freakonomics, Letters to a Young Poet, Irresistible Revolution

The wicked backspin caught you off guard. How will you play it off without losing your footing?

My backspin catches me off guard all the's a daily occurence...I'll just be walking down the street and BAM..oops sorry :)