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Gender MALE
Occupation RETIRED
Location Pownal, Maine, United States
Introduction I never thought I'd get old, but here I am. Funny thing is - I love being old. The problem is that all those physical things I have always done with ease are now done only with great effort and some pain and stiffness. However, I consider myself pretty lucky. I can walk around, take nourishment and drive myself to the doctor. I have a wonderful companion, many friends and family. I have lived long enough to know a few things but most of it boils down to recognizing the value of the present and not letting past mistakes drag you down. You have to move on. If there is happiness, it begins there. I have fun writing these posts. You will find commentary, opinion, and even some poetry. Writing is how I process life. That's its only significance. Thanks for reading. Jerry Henderson
Interests I am interested in many things. A mong them are things like staying in optimum physical condition, killing red squirrels, and cocktail hour. Oh yes, I love to read, cook and hike and write a weekly blog. There are other things, but nobody reads this stuff anyway.
Favorite Movies Mostly cerebral flicks and the occasional action adventure film. I'm not fond of emotional movies.
Favorite Music Due to some profound hearing loss I no longer hear music. This is one of the saddest parts of growing old for me. I have a music degree and spent many years in some performance setting or other and now can't tell the difference between Clearwater Creedence Revival and Beethoven. It's wonderful to be alive into my 80's. It's a bit disappointing to have to deal with the side affects.
Favorite Books Mysteries, spy stories, police dramas now and then. I love it when I "find" a new author. I double my pleasure by listening to audio books while driving or on the treadmill.