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Occupation Average Everyday Sane Psycho Supergoddess
Location A Wholesome Little Town, America's Dairyland, United States
Introduction I'm neither dumb nor a natural blonde. I am the owner of a rather copious amount of ambition and some really killer highlights, hence the blog name. Well that and I really like Madonna. Some of the things that occupy my time are momming, reading, writing (derr) and book-learning. I really miss sleeping until I feel like getting up. I absolutely love my pets more than most people. My life is a roller coaster ride and I love every minute of it. Oh, and you guys rock my socks. Tewtally. :)
Interests Spending time with my child, writing, reading, making and listening to music, cooking and baking
Favorite Movies John Hughes is brilliant, American Beauty, anything that doesn't suck, which isn't a lot lately
Favorite Music Mmmm! Pretty pretty Tori! Ani DiFranco, Feist, Prince, Madonna, Much of what they play on Grey's Anatomy, Hell with it-too many to list here.
Favorite Books Hell with it-too many to list here. Or did I say that already?

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

I'd suggest "excavation" in the Yellow Pages, but that's just me.