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Gender MALE
Occupation art
Location on canvas- North of Mein Welt on the top of the snowed pic Mountains, where the piu-pius dream
Introduction what do you expect to find here ? well. Caio Fern I am a misfit painter and I go out with apples living in a land far far away named MEIN WELT where all the descendents of nazis, pirates, slaves, fairys, fundamentalist Christians, Tolkien characters and Ramones's fans can fuck reproducing like rabbits. If you have a good soul , this is MEIN WELT. Be welcome and enjoy the trip ( make this a tiny piece of your home ). JESUS CHRIST BLESS YOU !!
Interests contemporary art, conceptual photography, experimental photography, contemporary photography, kunst, painting, drawing, vegetarianism, aquarism, christianism, art, pintura, desenho, contemporary, painting, joseph beuys, poesia, veganism, vegan, cristianismo, arte contemporanea, bild, malerei, zeichnung, kunst, fotografie, musik, contemporary art, expressionism, impressionism, realism, pop art, history of art, potery, poetry, literatura, literature, literatur, ilustracao, ilustration, figure, illustration, gravura, stich, gravure, print, escultura, sculpture, plastik, escultor, sculptor, bildhauer, decoração, design, decoration, dekoration, art, exhibition, art, museum, museum, kunte, pintor, painter, maler, artista, artist, artista plastico, cultura, culture, kultur, arquitetura, novo testamento, new testament, neuestestament, jesus cristo, jesus christ, desenhista, designer, zeichnung, fotografo, photographer, fotograph, biblia, biblie, escritor, schriftsteller, autor, schreiber, writer, cristianismo fundamentalista, reise, , sit coms, monet, seinfeld, friends, degas, claude monet, rembrandt, munch, lucian freud, bonnard, francis bacon, giacometti, renoir frans hals, vermeer, sex
Favorite Movies anything with pussy, snow, red apples, german shepherds and pine trees .
Favorite Music anything that doesn't sound like a woman complaining about me .
Favorite Books The Bible, Alemão, ..., Alemão is the biggest classic of this generation and if you didn't read this, your life is a huge waist and you're going to burn in hell.