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Location United Kingdom
Introduction I'm 20 something. I like fashion, sewing, shopping in charity shops, making gifts for people and getting dressed up. I spend way too much time thinking about what to wear. I often cut my head off in pictures not because I'm trying to remain anonymous but because I can't be bothered to do my hair and makeup nicely or I'm pulling a stupid face.
Interests Gossip, Fashion, Sewing, Men, Politics, Horse Riding, Shopping, Charity Shopping
Favorite Music I like a bit of everything but if I could only ever listen to two types of music it would have to be rock and drum & base.

You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?

Dam I've already slain the dragon? I could have used it's fire to toast my marshmallows. If only I had thought of that before. Now I shall have to have raw marshmallows!