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Introduction there is nothing really very special about me that i guess you will be really interested in knowing.i am just another guy whom you can find on any street let me just clear some misconception and give you an insight of what exactly this blog is all about. 1.this blog does not teach you hacking. 2.the word hackstreet in not inspired by the r&b band BACKSTREET BOYS .it is rather based on a concept called hacklife.back in 2006 when i started it the hacklife concept was virtually non what i exactly mean by hackstreet is that it shows you a way to that concept.what is more stisfying is that just a few months back i found an article in TIME magzine (HACKING TWORDS HAPPINESS by JEREMY CAPLAN)which has acknowledged the emergence of this concept. now for people who really want to get into things they call as hacking there is just one piece of advice that i will give them " respect your feeling of curiosity". and dont go for shortcuts learn how password or data is encrypted.know about hashing files,bruteforce,rainbow table etc ( which in true sense is cracking and not hacking).rest things try and discover it yourself..happy hunting