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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Jelly Belly Speed Eater
Location New York City, baby. The top of the Heap!, New York (Cowboys and Astros forever though. Meaning: a Texan at heart.)), United States
Introduction Agricola est Poeta
Interests Writing, Astronomy, Theology, Music, Film, Science, Art, Huckleberry Finn, chatting with Atheists about God, My wife.
Favorite Movies Shawshank, Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Raising Arizona and all those Coen Bros. Movies. The collected works of Speilberg (with the exeption of the end of Privat Ryan)-Espeically E.T. and Raiders, The Collected works of Stanley Kubrick -Especially Dr. Strangelove, all those Tarentino films. True Grit, Pale Rider, LOTR trilogy, and of course the Godfather trilogy and the 6 starwars movies, Matrix part 1. Shadowlands, The Incredibles, Toy Story, The Passion, Braveheart, Thin Red Line, King Kong, Walk the Line, Sideways, Stranger than Fiction, the list goes on.....
Favorite Music The Beatles, Led Zep., U2, Sufjan Stevens, Bob Dylan, Elliot Smith, Nick Drake, John Adams, George Crumb, Paul Simon, Mozart (and I mean REALLY Mozart, I'm talkin' Piano Concertos, Late Symphonies, Mass in C Major and Requiem) Rich Mullins, Beck, Moby (play), Sarah Mc., Allison Kraus, Nora Jones, The Stones, Flaming Lips, Green Day, Ella Fitzgerald (especially singing Gershwin)
Favorite Books Huckleberry Finn, A Confedaracy of Dunces by John K. Toole, City of God, Lestat, LOTR trilogy, Simarillion, Mere Christianity, "Everlasting Man" by Chesterton, "Theology and Sanity" by Sheed, Suma Theologica, All those evil Harry Potter books, Ethics by Bonhoeffer, Anything by Mother Teresa, and the collected works of Dr. Seus., Grapes of Wrath, Old Man and the Sea

You've just inherited a manufacturing plant that specializes in plastics. What are you going to make?

A giant garage shaped like a nose with nostrils as carports.