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Occupation Author of Children's book and Freelance writer
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Introduction For six years I called and comforted a preacher’s widow my cousin Linda . Day after day I walked her thru the memories of her youth over the phone. It was there in the past where we grew up and there were we shared the mysteries of our childhood. She watch her husband die a slow death with a smile on his face, for he knew where he was going. She moved to be near her mother after loosing her brother and husband in the same month. Soon her mother died and she was left with her sister in law, both grieving widows found comfort in each other. Then one day she dies as well. Linda, now alone and lonely filling empty, has to fulfill the wishes of her dead sister-in-law. Even in her own death the job was yet unfinished. Linda would do anything to please everyone, she was quite, sweet and soft spoken. I loved her and told her everyday over the phone. We spend time together everyday, shared gifts and much laughter, we shared many tears together and bonded. Love hurts when it comes to an end…specially when you loose and very dear friend,
Interests Christian, aspiring author of Christian Children’s books, Blogger, writer, writers conferences, Thespian Society, Arts, Crafts, Freelancing, The Holy Bible, Mustangs, Mustang Ministries (speading the word of God the fastest way we know how!), Journaling, Children, JRA
Favorite Movies Blue Ray 9 speaker surround sound, popcorn and my hubby on any night we can be together is a date night
Favorite Music Bluegrass, bag pipes, harp, banjo, rain falling, water falls and night sounds all kinds of, rock and roll...Jazz even the big bands...Praise...almost all music pleasing to the hear and the heart
Favorite Books The Bible, cookbooks, study books...there is always something new to learn. All books are joy...a window to anywhere at any time

All of the phone numbers have fallen out of your address book. Whose number do you look for first and why?

Joe's because I don't know it by heart