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Location where the rocky mountains meet the midwest
Introduction I always secretly longed to be June Cleaver but sadly, it isn’t going to happen. I’m only a part-time SAHM; I dislike cooking, I yell at my kids, and I’m queer. Besides all those niggling details, I tend towards bitchy and swear like a sailor. But I refuse to let go of the fantasy and on any given day I might just be vacuuming in my pearls. I live with my partner (The Girl); my two sons (predictably referred to as Wally and The Beav) and our dog Kipper. I am passionate about home keeping, making art and my calling as a nurse. God only knows what will appear in this blog. I only hope my writing exercises are an exercise in entertainment and enjoyment for you. Any images seen on the blog belong to me unless I give credit where credit is due. If you see something you like email me first.