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Introduction Marriage is a funny thing. It is much different than most of us ever imaged. And while no one told you it would be easy, they probably never told you that you might go crazy. Over my short marriage, lots of unexpected trials have come and passed. But now, we are going through one trial that will never go away. For over a year and half, everyday, when I wake up, I can be certain of one simple thing- I will fall down. I have been diagnose with a neurological disease called narcolepsy and cataplexy that causes me to go paralyzed daily. But over time, I have learned that other people fall in their own ways too. They fall in their marriage, with their kids, their faith, their goals- but the key is not to just "get back up" but to look up, and view each falling moment as an opportunity. And like most of us, when we fall, we need to see the humor, the good, and know that as crazy as life is, it's probably normal. This blog is about how I fall, literally and figuratively in my life and in my marriage- AND how I get back up, learn, complain, and laugh. It is me at my worst, and rarely at my best. But I am firm believer that most of us relate to imperfection.