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Gender Male
Location New Hampshire, United States
Introduction I scraped by at W & M in theater/medieval lit with almost no work on the strength of cleverness and enough genuine interest that I wrote the occasional good paper. Grades improved when I met my wife else I would have finished at the bottom of the class. I took a job in human services in 1975 and never left. I am a social worker on an acute psych unit. I hooked up with Jesus Freaks right out of college, not fitting in but learning a lot. We have been mixed mainstream/evangelical, raising our first two sons in both an intensely Christian and classical liberal arts culture, with no TV, thousands of books around, much reading aloud, and constant discussion. They turned out appropriately brilliant. I took an IQ test on a lark in the 80's and qualified for some Hi-Q societies, and was president of Prometheus in the late 80's. We have had the same weekly "Bible Study" for 30 years, though we long since moved on to Christian Issue/parental support/whatever. We started going on mission trips to Romania in 1998 and adopted two more sons in 2001. A whole new side of parenting. Our nephew came to live with us last year, and now we are seven.
Interests Linguistics, etymology, American Colonial History, maps, cultural history, Romania
Favorite Movies I see about one movie a year, and I liked Team America
Favorite Music Spirituals, Bluegrass, Brother Iz, Michael Card, Baroque, Train songs, Clapton, Flamenco
Favorite Books LOTR, entire Lewis corpus, Wodehouse, Albion's Seed, PJ O'Rourke

You're wearing a sweater that stretches down to your feet. What color belt do you put on?

The day the color of my belt has been co-ordinated with the length of my sweater is the day the coroner dresses me for my wake.