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Occupation photographer
Location los angeles, ca
Introduction These online images are just a little slice of my photographic pie - the running-tab of snapshots that punctuate my life. They are my simple pleasures and random musings in great repetition and at very low quality, because (for some inherent reason) I've never grown tired of the visual narrative of life and the evolution of things - no matter how massive or tiny, obvious or inanimate. At a time in my life when I'm starting to really see the importance of scratching beneath the surface of things to photograph what's hidden underneath, I can't help but to still find comfort in the ordinary, repetitive, junk-camera snapshots I learned to shoot and print in my teens. Except this time there's less breaking and entering, trespassing, trying to bribe the local police with baked-goods; and lots more dogs with jobs (think sniffing film at international airports), more day-time adventures since I'm legal now, and lots more macro photos... fancy!
Interests photography, adventures, coffee and sandwiches