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Gender MALE
Occupation Environmental Chemist
Location Cincinnati, OH, United States
Introduction From my official bio: John Doe met Mr. Dibbs and DJ Skip of Cincinnati’s 1200 Hobos DJ crew sometime in 1995. He began DJing with them on 88.3 WAIF-FM Cincinnati and entered the battle circuit in 1999: DMC, Guitar Center, and various local DJ battles. After the 1999 Cincinnati DMC regional heat, he started working on mixtapes which he felt were stylistically indicative of his battle routines: smooth transitions, composed scratching and turntable wordplay. Using turntables, a mixer, crates upon crates of classic hip hop records, head-nodding beats, dusty samples, fractured verses, well-composed scratches, movie sound bytes and a disturbingly linear sense of thought, John Doe takes the listener on a road seldom traveled by the multitude. Songs are blended in and out within a minute. Familiar verses are chopped up battle style. Hooks are re-created from scratch (literally), and some are simply just created. All the while the beats seamlessly gel together as the backbone of an intricately arranged cohesive sonic collage. John takes the essence of the mixtape to an unbelievably insane extreme.