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Introduction It's me, Teri. My mother constantly worried about me and 'my ways', but finally she realized, I generally end up okay. Haphazard works for me. It makes my life sometimes harder but always interesting and as much as I say I don't like drama and complication, I do tend to make my life harder than it should be. God knows I am a three cinder block girl and he gives me opportunities to be a better woman every day. Bob helps too. Bob is my husband. This is a second marriage for both of us. I have issues, Bob has issues. We have often said we are two peas in a pod. Or he has said I am the female version of him. So what I write about Bob, could most likely be about me too, in a more feminine way with less bodily explosions. This website is my attempt to chronicle our daily attempt at living better healthier lives.
Favorite Movies Princess Bride, Finding Nemo, 28 Days, E.T., Jaws....
Favorite Music Journey!! 80's rock and roll, soft rock.
Favorite Books Diana Gabaldon, Stephen King, James Patterson, Anne Rice, Nora Roberts.

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