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Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Introduction I don’t know about you, but my life would be incomplete without my dogs. No feeling in the world can equal the joy of being welcomed home after a hard day at work with a “Woof!” and a vigorously wagging tail. An enthusiastic dog digging its wet nose into your sleepy face can give even your best alarm clock a run for its money. If you are bored to exercise alone, turn to your dog. You will either enjoy a pleasurable stroll around the block or be taken for a walk instead! A dog is a comforter in every situation…be it cold weather, a broken heart or just plain loneliness. Its unconditional love is unrivaled. Its unrelenting cheerfulness is a soothing balm even in the toughest of times. I could go on about these angels on four legs, but I will stop here and let my posts do the talking. I haven’t said much about myself, but I’m sure that after reading this, you will have guessed anyway. Blackie, Brownie, Bingo, Bimbo, Major, Cara, Phoebe, Major II, Tyler and Misi…my playmates and partners in crime, this blog is dedicated to you.