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Introduction I'm a woman on a mission! I'm a bit naive about how this whole housewife thing works. I have no natural cooking ability, I'm just starting trying to figure out couponing, and I'm organizationally challenged, despite being CDO (that's OCD in alphabetical order!) I've never had to run my own home before, but I'm determiend, with help from friends and by God's grace to figure this out. But it's not just about maintaining a home! It's about maintaining a heart. I grew up hating Proverbs 31 because the only people who ever talked about it in my church were men. It sounded like they were trying to force us to be Stepford Wives. It wasn't until I got married and actually studied the passage that I realized what it was all about. My heart yearns passionately to be that woman. A woman of grace, of wisdom, and of encouragement. I'll probably spend the next 50 years of my life falling face-down in the mud in my attempts to be her. But Jesus is loving, God gives grace, and that leaves me feeling... hopeful.