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Introduction Welcome to you all. I am an artist, well i try to be but painter would probably be more accurate. I'm inspired by the natural world, from the beautiful Towy valley in South Wales, the wild & rugged coastline of Pembrokeshire, the expansive skies of Norfolk & all the other places where i leave a little of my heart each time i visit. I paint what i see as i see it to the best of my ability. Light & atmosphere are what i try to capture, a moment in time, an experience, a memory of beautiful light drenched landscapes & their inhabitants. I work from photos, sketches, notes & often just from memory. The natural world is my passion, to be immersed in it, be it deep within a forest, high on a hill, beneath the surface of the sea or lake, or beside a river or pond watching a float & dreaming of fish. Foraging & fishing, painting & photographing, to write & to muse, to stargaze & to wonder, to swim with fish & to cook. My blog will cover all these things & more. If i can bring a taste of life as an artist within the natural world & some of the pleasure i get from it to you, then i'll be happy with that. I hope you enjoy.