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Introduction *Copies and pastes off Facebook* Stacey Solomon <3 Ke$ha <3 "I believe that life is a prize, but to live doesnt mean youre alive"- Nicki Minaj <3 15 years old. Born in Walker, moved to Gateshead, now living in prudhoe. Go to Thomas Hepburn. Not a football fan- not really a sports fan tbh. I like to say im a forgiving person no matter what has happened. Trust is a big thing to me, its tested me in many different ways. I have secrets and ive got insecurities but then again, who doesnt? ;) I'm up for a laugh and i know i dont need drink or drugs to do that. I have friends, no close friends- i reckon its best not to keep anyone close, things will only end up in pieces. Like my music, and what family i have. The most important thing for me is making sure i live my life like i want to, and not how anyone else wants me to. THE END. LOL Jks, theres still loads more of me to come (H)
Interests Throwing oranges at s1uts, psychological sh.t, watching people, animals EVERYTHING
Favorite Movies Resident Evil movies, Last House On the Left, Harry Potter movies, we would be here all day!
Favorite Music Hey, if it sounds good, i'll listen to it. No genre needed <3 Nicki Minaj is me wifey for lifey though <3<3<3
Favorite Books Oh, i bought this psychology book the other day, cant WAIT to start reading it.

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