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Gender MALE
Location Waddell, AZ, United States
Introduction I'm David. The one and only me. (Thank goodness for that!) I'm married to my best friend, kiddos on the way, in far too sunny and warm southern Arizona, desperately trying to move north to cooler country. I'm an outdoor freak, and I love to hunt and fish whenever I can, shoot at anything I can, whenever I can. I have a bit of a wild side that my wife brings out in me - a little bit of rogue and daring and beating the odds when I can. I kinda consider myself a cross between Han Solo and Captain America (and I might have even shot first). Happy, crazy, daring, wanting to save the world, yet perfectly happy up to my knees in a creek fly fishing. That's me.
Interests Hunting, Fishing, Guns, Shooting, Survival, Reading the Bible, Philosophy, military tactics and gear.
Favorite Movies (no order) Master and Commander, Open Range, Second Hand Lions, Hidalgo, Bolt, We Were Soldiers, The Incredibles, The Lord of the Rings, The Patriot, Luther, The Winter Soldier
Favorite Music Pop, Country, movie soundtracks.
Favorite Books The BIBLE, Marriage books, outdoorsy books, books on apologetics, anything that is christian and has a good plot and action.

If you were a wrestler, what would be your finishing move?

Step back to the edge of the arena, pull out your .357, and shoot him when he charges you. Game over.