Little Bit

About me

Gender Female
Industry Fashion
Occupation EBayer
Location NC, United States
Introduction I adore my husband and daughter. When I have the time I indulge my self with a few pleasures. I love food and the process of turning it into a delicious meal for my friends and family or even some stranger off the street. Cloths are the next best thing to food. I love going to thrift shops and other stores of the sort to find what I consider "fantastic finds". I'm starting quite the collection. Hopefully one day my little Juju will appreciate all the "fantastic finds" her mama has. Mean while I'm a Brooklyn girl living in the Country and loving it!
Interests My Family, Cooking, Fashion & Music
Favorite Movies Walk the Line, Dream girls, Oh brother where art thou, Elf, Liar Liar, The Haunting, The Puppet Master Series
Favorite Music I love the oldies!
Favorite Books Harry Potter is the only name that comes to mind

The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?

simple and carefree