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Occupation Antara penyebar risalah di kota
Location Kuala Lumpur-bandar diturunkan berita-berita besar, WP, Malaysia
Introduction Im the jackal and im the hyde Im the love and im the pain Im the cure and im the venom Im the harsh and im the decent Im the gorgeous and im the beast Im a friend and can be someones rival Im forgiven but never forgets Thru everything...Im a Muslim..a khalifah of Allah...naive but yet still learning....
Interests Now? I can say I had goosebumps everytime I am through with one verse in the I wud say..AL-Quran gives me the most interest somehow it relates to our lives.. im deadly into music..the hell for those who claimed they are religious and forbids music..note that if you have your own faith in Allah, and uve know the haq and the bathil..just do what u want as long as u know ur limitations..go ahead with ur life..but never forgets what is asked for u to do.. i cant live without my Arif now..donno why LOVE made me this weak..hehehh i enjoy reading, since thats the way we can differentiate thru the view of reality then, and have to admit my friends are the most precious gift that I have yet to realize only few are trusted and are there to be with u. I love animals-such as cats, dolphins, predators, and ants! I know I may sound a geek..but what the heck..i just love them! love history and epics, guess I inherit that from abah. The wars, propaganda and what lies beneath what most believe is the one I like to figure out in a be a hacker is to learn the way they are thinking, thats the key.. I dont have to dress like a celebrity, a porn star, a rock star, a punk rocker gal, or the pop star idols, i aint a poser, i dress my own, i dont have to show how much I am into a rock band, cuz that aint me, i am not a show off and aint a poser. im not into filthy politics especially here (sorry Dato', Datin', Puan Sri..bla..bla..bla..)yeah..its filthy FOR ME..thats my own judgement, too much it relates to all underdogs beyond mortal's thinking yet to be CAREFULLY concealed, so might as well i stay off of it and focus more to the important mission in my life..perhaps worries. coffee, Starbucks origin coffees wud be my fav!
Favorite Books Al-Quran, Sidney Sheldon, Kay Hooper, Danielle Steel, and my own journal.