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Introduction I'm a 41 year old dad with an 8 year old son with severe autism. My wife is an Autism Mommy Rock Star! But she doesn't like me RANTING about autism too much on Facebook to our friends & family. So I've created this anonymous Page with which to rant about autism and celebrate my son "Kyle" :-) I LOVE my son, but I don't love his autism. He was given a raw deal. He has severe autism and it gets in his way with EVERYTHING. So this page will be 75% comedically ranting & complaining & telling it like it is and 25% inspirational & warm & cuddly & feel good stories... Ok, maybe more like 80 / 20... :-) -------------------------------------- All people are welcome on this page regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs. I want this autism page to be (for the most part) free from all the debates i see on alot of other autism pages about whether certain vaccines cause autism, whether Autism Speaks is good or evil, whether this treatment is better than that treatment (trust me we've tried them all), whether using meds on our kids is good or bad, etc, etc.