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Interests i am equally happy to either; run through an urban center or peaceful walk through nature. But I prefer to paint the mess of the city. I love paintings that make me stop in my tracks. the moon always makes me stop in my tracks. reading. painting. journal writing. painting. astrology. travel (if even for an hour). love. friendship. singing in the car. spontaneity (with a little planning thrown in). those little moments in the day that we don't pay enough attention to.
Favorite Movies Princess and the warrior. Most things Clint Eastwood. Sunshine. Run Lola Run. Live Flesh (anything by Almodovar). Tout les matins du monde. When Night is Falling. Basquiat. Totoro. Henry and June. True Romance. Fargo. The Departed. Shortbus. Babel. Heaven. Into the Wild.
Favorite Music Singer Songwriters ( James Heintz. Steve Wright. Ani Difranco. Amos Lee. James Taylor. Ray Lamontagne. Rachael Yamagata. and more ) Soulful House ( L.L. Vega and music that makes your hips move and your lips smile :) Prince. Chet Baker. Coldplay. Feist. Metric. Missy Elliott. M.I.A. And many many many others
Favorite Books Lighthousekeeping, Written on the body (and most things Jeanette winterson). Sexus (a henry! your crazy and i love it). The Little Red Hen. the Tipping Point. Kahlil Gabran. Anais Nin. Blink. The Hobbit. The Bride Stripped Bare. The Zahir. 11 minutes. The Witch of Portobello.(ok, anything by Paulo Coelho). Siddhartha.

The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?

I would stay on the log with my feet on the moss and my back in the sunshine, very still.