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Introduction 區琇詒(區秀儀),馬來西亞實驗電影創作者。文化大學影劇系、美國舊金山藝術學院藝術創作研究所畢。目前為馬來西亞新紀元學院戲劇與影像系講師、劇團平臺計劃企劃,以及另類藝術工作室SicKL 成員。她致力於探索光與影像作為空間和時間裏的有機元素,以及以影像發掘現實場域的抽象特質。2006年,以《憂鬱的熱帶》(Tristes Tropiques,演出性電影──現場表演[Performative Cinema - Live])、《秋日河下》(Scene Under the Autumn's Stream)參加第十三屆女性影展。2007年,獲Krishen Jit Astro Fund補助創作電影裝置作品《幻象的電影院》,同時也是臺北國際藝術村的駐村藝術家之一。她的創作橫跨錄像、實驗電影以及劇場影像設計。 The Programming Director of Pentas Project and member of SicKL, Sow Yee is a MFA holder from the San Francisco Art Institute and is currently a lecturer in the Drama and Visuals Department, New Era College. Her works explore light and projected images as organic elements in space and time. She has been actively involved in making videos/video installations for theatre performances. She was awarded the Krishen Jit Astro Fund for film performance/installation and was the 2007 Artist in Residence at Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan. She is invited to present a new performatic cinema work in the 2009 Taiwan Gulin Little Theatre Festival.