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Introduction Ann (Annie) Watt started out as a photographer using her brownie camera and shooting hundreds of photos of her dog. At the age of 18 she waltzed into Richard Avedons office with her Brownie and volunteered to help the world famous photographer in any way she could. Years later Annie interviewed and photographed Mr. Avedon for a story and he actually remembered meeting (and probably laughing at) the teenager with the Brownie. Today Annie is a professional photographer and photojournalist and lives in New York City, the Hamptons, and Miami and photographs celebrities, and socialites, fundraisers and social events. Her photos appear in countless print and online publications including The New York Social Diary, Quest Magazine, Glow Magazine, Art & Living Magazine, Travel Smart, The Insider, Times Square Gossip, Dan's Hamptons and many more. Annie Watt can be reached at 917-968-1210.