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Introduction My dream was to share my art with the world, and the best place to start was New York city. I took a risk and went to New York in the Autumn of 2004 to visit some boutiques and show them my collection. Although they were not interested in my designs, I didn not give up! I walked around to other boutiques and by chance, visited TG-170, where they welcomed my jewelry and me! I will always be grateful to TG-170, as they took a chance on an unknown designer. Because of them, I became ERITA! (( 「自分の作品を世界に見せたい」という気持ちだけで誰も知らない、何のつてもないニューヨークに1人で行った。 1軒1軒ブティックを廻り、ついにTG-170という素敵なお店にたどり着いた。まだ無名の私にもかかわらず、オーナーが作品をとても気に入ってくれ、アクセサリーの販売がスタートした。それがエリータ誕生の瞬間だった。