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Gender MALE
Occupation Stay-at-home dad
Location Southern Illinois, United States
Introduction My family and I live in the Midwest region of the USA. We are not high in the mountains and live along a pretty high traveled road for our area. And we have 1 acre of land. We are not military folks and we are not constantly counting the days until the END OF TIMES comes to us. Instead we are cognizant of the possibility that we would need to survive. This survival period might be a week it might be a month it could be years. The reason we would like to survive is for our 5 children, God forbid we have to watch them starve due to our inability to provide for them. I am a stay-at-home dad and my wife is a registered nurse. I do have a BS from an accredited university, so between my wife’s and my education we collaborate to prep for an unpredictable event. We are not hardcore survivalist, we have a 55inch television, and 4 other smaller ones, we both drive new SUV's and we enjoy going out to eat to our local family restaurants, Applebee's being our favorite. This Blog will tell you steps we are taking or steps we already took to be more self reliant. I will include fun stories, pictures and diagrams of how my family becomes more prepared for something that might never come.
Interests Reading, Family, and Preparing for the unknown
Favorite Movies I enjoy any movies about the apocalypse and the outcome.
Favorite Music Classic Rock, Jazz, Real Country (not pop)
Favorite Books 1984, Guerrilla Learning, The Lone Survivor, When Things Go Boom!, Weekend Homesteader, Anything containing information about survival, gardening, backyard farming and sustainable energy