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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Location downtown, kerala, India
Introduction iM a StRoNg GuY WhO kEePs HiS sTuFf In LiNe. EvEn WhEn I hAvE tEaRs GoInG dOwN mY fAcE, i AlWaYs MaNaGe To SaY tHoSe TwO wOrDs -Im FiNe- well i m w0t i m, u lik me GR8.. if u d0nt dr0wn urself in h0ly water(with all my humility :) ) i self procclaimed and confirmed by friends am the craziest pers0n on earth...luv t0 make frndzz.. i luv to have fun...ann0y pe0ple...irritate the hell 0ut of them..bug them...n im sure they still l0ve me wot m0re i want!! i hate hyp0crats n fake people..i mean ur smart ok ko0l show it...if not..dont jst go blaahh n prove it!! The phrase 'GRASS IS GREENER ON HE OTHER SIDE' suits perfectly to me…. I am always seekin the brigher star, the greener pasture and a bluer sky..i take praises lightly and criticism seriously c0z criticism makes a person perfect( hey but dat doesn't mean u can criticise me evrytime) I belive dat eg0 shud n0t exist in a relationship.. i am eg0centric t0 an extent but when it cums to ma frnds I can make all eff0rts to say s0ry …. I am an extremely sensitive pers0n at heart…Little things in ma life d0 b0ther me a l0t I don’t make frnds easily but when I do so, I giv my 100% to them.
Interests blogging, reading, football freestling
Favorite Movies all inspiration movies
Favorite Music dj, trance, romantic
Favorite Books i read all books mostly love stories

why adults are against love even after they understand it..??