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Location Laguna Beach, California, United States
Introduction I was restlessly unfulfilled. I was confused and distraught. During years used for the pursuit a better life, I continually returned to the same spot, having the same single concerns, rehashing the same questions. Why was I unfulfilled, confused and distraught? Why could I not hold onto happiness? I was without inner-peace. Oh, I enjoyed fleeting moments of gratification, but could not get my arms around the experience of living with ongoing happiness. I would experience the euphoric sensation that accompanied a certain accomplishment or achievement, but all too soon the feeling was gone. After years of thinking that there must be a better way, I decided to take the first step. I allowed myself to be open to another way of thinking. I made a decision to look at another option, another source of inner-peace and fulfillment. I discovered that when you know where love is, you can change yourself from the inside out. You can be enriched with happiness. Refreshingly, each of us possesses the where-with-all to remain loving to both our self and others. When you learn about Real Love, and where it is, then the view of life is seen from an entirely different perspective.