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Introduction Habladora FAQs: What does La Pobrecita Habladora mean?: El Pobrecito Hablador was a Spanish journal that published essays by some of my favorite authors, writing under pseudonyms, during the 1800's. The idea is that one should pity those who always feel compelled to speak their (sometimes unfounded) opinions, and have compassion for tellers of tall tales. I made the journal's name feminine and took it for my own. Why the pseudonym?: I teach Spanish language and literature, and I've agreed not to publish my political opinions under my own name. Besides, who doesn't want an alter ego? So, what is your real name? Lis Where do you come from?: I lived all over when I was growing up (including Italy and Peru), but I completed both my BA and my MA in Charlottesville, VA. I now consider C-ville to be my hometown. How do you make a living? Well, as mentioned, I do teach. I'm also a freelance writer/ editor/ translator. So, if you need something written, edited, or translated from English to Spanish or vice versa - send me an email!