Mountain Phoenix

About me

Introduction Hi, I’m a Tibetan woman born in the West. Physically, I spend most of my time here. But since I was a teenager, my thoughts have often been in Tibet. Ten years ago, my partner and I started a small enterprise there, co-owned with friends on the ground. Since then, Tibet has become a concrete part of our daily life: Virtually no day goes by without an e-mail, an SMS or a phone call from or to Tibet. Regular visits, whenever possible accompanied by our children, have become normal. For sure, to do something effective in Tibet remains difficult. But we found it’s possible to beat the odds sometimes. Our simple strategy has been to look for loopholes in the system and search for allies with mutual interests. There aren’t many loopholes, and allies can only get you so far. It’s not like the Tibetans have been waiting for us either. But in our experience, Tibet has always been worth the try. Bod Gyallo! Victory to Tibet!