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Location United States
Introduction I'm a Poet - Songwriter - Writer - Author
I also enjoy writing Book Reviews and Opinion Pieces.

Written Works

Published Poetry (1987-2004)
Shine One Light Of Hope
Prince William
Seasonal Days

Placed Third In International Songwriting Contest (1999)
Guide Me

Short Stories (2006-Present)
Logged On
Logged On II
Inner Realm
Of Innocent Minds

Fan Fiction

The Marcus and Sara Series (2008)
Sweet Whispers In My Bed
Twisted Fate
Of Our Desires

Manuscripts Out
Fate Of The World/ A warrior is found
Fate Of The World / A sacracified made

In The Works As We Speak
When Fate Walked In

Interests What I like most is to learn about different cultures, religions and languages., Meeting people with a variety of interests or just one unqiue interest., Hobbies: Gardening, Biking, Cooking, Meditation, Hiking, Photography, Tai Chi, Reading and time with my family.
Favorite Movies Actors And Actresses: Gene Kelly, Sean Connery, Judy Garland, Jodie Foster, Nicholas Cage, Gerard Butler, Russel Crowe, Bruce Willis, Kevin Costner, Kevin Spacey, Wil Smith many more., My Movie Collection Ranges From Musicals Like: Summer Stock, Cover Girl, Phantom Of The Opera, My Fair Lady and more., You Can Find Me Watching: Sense and Sensibility, The Rock, Gladiator, 300, King Kong, A Beautiful Mind, Ghandi, What Women Want, National Treasure and more.
Favorite Music Inxs, Sting, Daughtry, Billy Idol, Godsmack, Elvis, Live, Finger Eleven, Madonna's Ray Of Light Cd, Celtic Whispers, Yanni, ColdPlay, Enya, Evanscence, U2, Scoripons, Tim McGraw, The Corrs, The Who and much more.
Favorite Books Authors: Jane Austen The Complete Novels, Christopher Andersen Sweet Caroline and After Diana, Donald Spoto Joan (Joan Of Arc), Sting Broken Music (Yes, he wrote a book) and many more.