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Location Jaybee, Selesa Jaye, Malaysia
Introduction Blog ayie is for the purpose of sharing stories about design and the pictures edited by me. Edit photos the easy words we say but difficult for us to do. For ayie all people can edit photos attractive if their hard work and diligent alleviate their mouths to ask more experts. dont think easy to edit pictures. Patient characteristics is needed in ourself to produce interesting pictures. I'm not said that i was a very professional photo editing. Ayie just want to share stories on how successful ayie produce great pictures! Untuk pengguna photoshop yang baru . Ayie hope you all can be patient and try to make the interesting pic . Ayie sgt berterime kasih tp Senior ayie SIS EMORA. SIS ANUM and ELLE bcoz helped ayie . have fun with my blog . sowey if my english quite bad . ;DD