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Introduction Professional retoucher by day and a photographer by night. I firmly believe that not all photographs can be retouched to make it presentable as opposed to what other people think. It's always as simple as "garbage in, garbage out" as what my teachers taught me in design school.
I also do not believe that finding faults in your equipment limits you to being a good photographer. Everyday photography is always the best test of equipment and ones own talent, and not finding that your lens autofocus is off by 3 millimeters.
I do not like taking photos of myself in the bathroom mirror holding my dslr. If I was to take a picture of myself I'd do it the right way. I'd take a camera and put it in front of me to take shots.
I hate when people say "Hey that's a nice shot! What kind of camera are you using?" as talent is not measured by the camera you are using as I have known very good photographers use cheap equipment all the time.
I could go rambling on and on about crap for hours but I'd rather spend time honing my skills by looking at the viewfinder.
You can find my gallery at: http://www.rbadiolaphotography.com/