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Occupation Author/Housewife
Introduction Kada rhymes with Prada.
Once upon a time, I married Alaskaboy & moved to Los Angeles. My USA friends call me TimTamPimp because I enthusiastically shared the Aussie biscuit/cookie, Tim Tams.
As a kid/teen I played competitive sports. I had the appetite of an athlete plus the training routines to support it. Even though I stopped sports as an adult, I continued to eat the same. For the next 20 years I was also an emotional overeater.
Twelve weeks after giving birth to my daughter, via emergency c-section, I weighed 256 lbs/116.12kgs. The next year I discovered I had severe sleep apnea and then in November 2010 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I am compliant with my MS meds; plus use a mouthguard & foam wedge to breathe better at night.
Several years ago I vowed to myself, my husband, all my family and friends, that I would go no farther down my self destructive road. Instead I've turned my footsteps down the thorny path to self-discovery, and hopefully it will wend its way to reach my goal: Excellent mental and emotional health, & keeping my physical health as good as I can, for as long as my disease will allow me.
Most of all, I do this for my daughter.
Favorite Movies Too many to count.
Favorite Music I have eclectic tastes.
Favorite Books About a hundred titles vie for that favour!

Never mind the turtle. Don't you think you're sure to win?

I'm sure it was a tortoise, not a turtle, but yes, I am likely to repeat his success. Slowly and surely, does get the job done!