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Industry Education
Occupation School Librarian
Introduction fairrosa has been my online name since 1994. In the now-defunct virtual reality game world GoKrida and Second Life, I go by the name xiaomu. The first-life, real names are Roxanne Hsu Feldman, or tracing my root back to my birth name, Hsu (Xu) You Feng. I am a person with multiple identities and enjoy them all. I have the good luck to have a job that I truly love: I'm a Middle School Librarian at a school where reading is valued and many students are avid and thoughtful readers and where my knowledge in children's literature can be freely applied. The one thing that really excites me is to get someone, young or not so young, to read and enjoy a fantastic book and share my enthusiasm! I was an English major and came to the United States to specifically study children's literature and got my Masters' at Simmons College The Center for the Study of Children's Literature. I also worked in a children's bookstore, a children's publishing house, and as a children's librarian at NYPL. For the last two decades, I have not strayed from this field.
Interests Children's Literature, Young Adult Literature, Games, Broadway Shows, Music
Favorite Movies Brazil, The Lord of the Rings, My Neighbor Totoro
Favorite Music Green Day, Celtic, Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Favorite Books His Dark Materials, Song of Ice and Fire, The Diamond Age, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Ender's Game, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, Dream of the Red Chamber