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Introduction In 2004 I was diagnosed with diabetes. Not type 2 but type 1 or as my doctor said 'maybe 1.5'. I had moved to France and didn't speak good enough French, my Doctors spoke no English so although my care was excellent, I had to look elsewhere for answers to my questions. I learned a lot from the internet, particularly from others with more experience on diabetes forums. I'm not a medical professional of any variety. I'm a really a dilletante having studied and even passed exams in a strange variety of subjects,diabetes was a new subject to add to the list. At times its extremely interesting finding out about new research. I have become intrigued by the complexities of the metabolic system, enjoy delving into the history of diabetes treatment and I am fascinated by the various beliefs about diet. Ultimately it's my way of trying to find out the best way for me to deal with my diabetes. Along the way perhaps I may find and mention things helpful to others but to repeat those most important words. YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY! Thankfully, diabetes is only part of my life, I enjoy running, walking and be warned I'm trying to teach myself the concertina!