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Occupation Problem Solver
Location New York, New York
Introduction Have you been mistreated? Is someone screwing with you and no one will help? Have you tried courts, lawyers and the police and nothing has worked? Do you feel victimized and powerless? I MAY BE ABLE TO HELP If I believe your cause is just, then I may take on your cause and try to correct it. I started this service years ago after a pedophile raped and killed my young brother. Our parents had died in an auto accident several years before and I was raising him. It was just the two of us – now just me. They caught the guy and he was convicted, but then he appealed and the appeals court threw out the conviction on a technicality. So he was walking around free and taunting me! It was too much to take. Luckily he died in a tragic fire at the local gas station. Seems someone doused him with gasoline and somehow it ignited. Too bad. Then I realized other people needed justice and I wanted to help. WATCH FOR THE NOVEL COMING SOON
Interests Martial Arts, Firearms, Weapons, Computer Technology, Arts, Motorcycles, Flying, Boating
Favorite Movies Nikita, The Professional
Favorite Books The Art of War