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Introduction First, regarding my blogs, I am simply purging some thoughts here on an issue which I find is one of the most fascinating things ever witnessed in human history, akin, in my opinion anyways, to the eight wonder of the world. I am referring to the plea, which ultimately became a demand, on the part of the black race in America from 1865 to 1968 to "integrate" with the white race. All of human history suggests that any male group (males racially, linguistically and religiously similar) always seeks to separate from the hegemony of a another male group, so as to establish their own identity as a people. In America, this did not happen with the black race. This phenomenon needs to be exposed and explained. Second, regarding "race": It is not an influencing or determining element or factor in one’s character. It does not diminish or elevate a person, or affect one’s intellectual capacity. Nor does race render one inferior or superior. However, race has been the basis for the creation of all known societies in history prior to 1964; and it is also the basis of the DMG Theorem.