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Location Saratoga Springs, UT, United States
Introduction Steve is 28 and works in the telecommunications industry. Chelle is 26 and works in the Mother/Baby department at American Fork Hospital. Jennifer (aka Jenni, Jay-jay, bug-a-doo) is 5 and just started kindergarten. Joseph (aka joe-joe-bear, joey, pillsbury) is 2 and just kinda does his own thing!
Interests We like to be with our family and friends the most!! Lately we can usually be found with Flee and Lizzy. We like to be outdoors, and we LOVE to listen to music!
Favorite Movies We love Disney movies. We also like action movies that are clean, and romantic commedies, again, that are clean! Some examples are Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, National Treasure, While you were sleeping, stuff like that!
Favorite Music wow. So many things to mention here, so we'll say LOTS. Lots and lots and lots. We don't really listen to just one genre. I mean, we like everything from Celine, Rascal Flatts and Footloose, to They Might Be Giants, Creed, and Alanis. We also like religious and classical. So like I said- lots!
Favorite Books Harry Potter series, Twilight series, Children of the Promise series . . . stuff like that.

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

no laziness here- I'm on that snooze almost before it rings!!! (and for those that have lived with me, yes I am! yes i am yes i am yes i am infinity! so there!)