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Location central NJ, United States
Introduction I was born in Brooklyn. My parents brought me to America when I was an infant where we settled in a southern NJ town named Barrington Barrington is a smaller town, slightly larger than my current back yard. For the last 50+ years I've bounced around various parts of central NJ. In 2009, I decided to pack it in. Gave my partners a year notice and in July 2010 sold my share of the company for a dollar. Since then it's been a blast. My avatar's name is Henry. Henry has been with me since the late 70s. His orange crown is the spool from an IBM Selectric typewriter correction ribbon. But don't tell Henry. He thinks it was custom made.
Favorite Movies Metropolis, The Thing (original), The Crawling Eye, The Lake House, Prancer, The Seventh Seal
Favorite Music airplane, creedence, steppenwolf, doors, beethoven (particularly 9th) . . .
Favorite Books all 13, 000 books in the foundation series, tolkien