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Introduction That Healthy Stuff was created as a place to store some of my genius ideas and recipes of healthy stuff and to document my transition to a plant based lifestyle! I feel like everytime I bring a green smoothie to work, or I am eating a homemade protein bar, I always get comments like "oh what is that healthy stuff?" or "you wont eat that - you only eat healthy stuff!" Well this is a place to show what exactly is in "that healthy stuff!" and you may be pleasantly surprised that its not that weird! Part of my reasoning for transitioning to a plant based lifestyle other than just overall health, started when I was trying to find much healthier food to feed my husband. He is a professional athlete and I really grew suspicious of all of the supplements and proteins that trainers and so-called nutritionists insist they eat to perform well! So part of this blog is also dedicated to help making more natural meals for athletes!