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Industry Accounting
Occupation 3 year old(now 6!)
Location St. Pete, Florida, United States
Introduction On August 30, 2006, Dante was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Germ Cell Tumor. This means that he has a cancerous tumor in his pelvis that has metastasized to his chest, lungs, back and lymph nodes. When we first got to the hospital, not only were a bunch of strangers coming in to poke and prod Dante, but all sorts of equipment was beeping and adding to the confusion and terror. So, we started mimicking the sounds the machines made in a silly way to get Dante comfortable. He would make all the techs and nurses smile by making the silly sound the temperature and BP machine made. We taught him to take deep breaths whenever the oxygen sensor would beep, and Chris taught him to say "Fries are done!" whenever the IV would start beeping. Hence, the name of our story.
Interests reading, singing, dancing, banging on the table, computer, Word World, Peep and playing with Carina.