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Introduction Hi there! Glad you popped in. The time for platitudes is over, they just don't cut it anymore. How many people are suffering, struggling in all kinds of ways, emotionally, financially, healthwise and perhaps the worst of all, spiritually. We are seeking answers, I mean real deep answers to our often overwhelming issues, and we often get platitudes or we get politely fobbed off with a 'I'm really sorry, I'd like to help you but I have to write a sermon...' or something similar, or just having someone quote scripture loudly at you, hoping you go away so they don't have to deal with you, and get back to their crossword or singing hymns or whatever. Ever been there?? I NEED a saviour, it isn't a complacent choice for me. I am in the gutter, but I have my eyes fixed on the Lord.
Interests All sorts of stuff!!!
Favorite Movies Film Noir, Christian films, and loads of other stuff.
Favorite Music Too much to mention.
Favorite Books The Bible, Christian literature, Celebration of Discipline, Knowing God, Books by John Eldredge, anything which is real and not counterfeit Christianity for people who want religion packaged in a nice traditional way which has no real value to my life!