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Location Canada
Introduction I grew up in Winnipeg, lived in Montreal for a bit, but now I live in rural AB, outside Calgary. I have 3 kids, all young adults now, of whom I am astronomically proud. I have a BA in Film, an MBA in Organizational Behaviour and a PhD in Consumer Behaviour (aka Marketing). I spend about 3 months of the year off the grid in a remote cabin in NW Ontario and living without amenities like electricity, a phone and running water somewhat informs my views on things. I play hockey. I work out with weights and do aerobics and hot yoga. I dance. I SCUBA dive. My main reason for starting this blog is I have so much going on in my head, and when I let dribs and drabs leak out in my FaceBook statuses, I think I maybe alienate people. See, I am very opinionated. And I am going to rant here. I am going to rant about politics, for sure. I will also probably rant about various and sundry difficulties and frustrations of everyday life. At some points I will wax poetic about how wonderful life is, or about my most recent adventures. Or my kids. And from time to time, I will talk food and cooking. So... that's about it. I hope you enjoy and tell your friends...
Interests Learning new languages, Canadian politics, training my dogs, gourmet cooking, nature, hockey, my kids, urban fantasy, sewing, music and the list could go on and on....