Matt Fuchs

About me

Gender MALE
Location Washington DC
Introduction I’m a D.C. denizen who will write for food. I focus on ethnic restaurants and adventurous eating, mostly in the D.C. area. That said, I spare no back-breaking labor or bank-breaking expense when it comes to tracking down the exotica. I’m basically an Andrew Zimmern / Anthony Bourdain disciple, minus the striking resemblance to Uncle Fester / constant references to doobies. Brief background about me: I grew up in Nashville (the character of Ricky Bobby was based on me), moved up to Baltimore to attend college (Stringer Bell), and arrived in D.C. a few years ago to do policy work for the federal government. I started this blog in late 2009 to write about national food trends and give my two cents on the local restaurant scene. There’s nothing better than getting to know the tremendous chefs, restaurateurs and food writers in this town. Thanks for reading. Yours in eating too much, Matt