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Gender Female
Location CA, United States
Introduction I am a prophet in arenas which I call "the fields I plow", primarily that of the U.S. economy, politics and stock market, but also whatever else He shares with me. He graciously has expanded the scope of sharing with me over the years. I am transparent in this blog. You will witness a prophetic person fairly new to prophesying publicly exhibit some immaturity, which I have not deleted, but hopefully you will see growth and increased maturity over time. I often spend hours a day with the Lord to cultivate the gifts for the fields He has called me to. It is the craving of every fiber in my being to be close to Jesus Christ and the Father and I hunger to sit at His feet like Mary. I believe this is the birth place of a prophet and He has and is birthing many prophets across the world to speak over and pray for many issues. Sometimes it is the most excruciating thing you will do as your flesh is crucified in this calling. But it is also the most glorious thing to be drawn closer and closer to Him. It is worth the cost, but please know it is a painful and frustrating cost at times, should you desire it. I hope you desire it!

I value your friendship and prayers.