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Gender MALE
Industry Consulting
Occupation Aviation,Marine,Logistics,Construction and Security Management Consultant
Location Afghanistan, Afghanistan
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Introduction Details of publications on the following link:-- Author:-- 1-Development of Taliban Factions in Afghanistan and Pakistan-ISBN No-978-0-7734-3725-8 2-History of Pakistan Army from 1757 to 1971-ISBN No-978-0-557-50100-7 3-1971 India Pakistan War-ISBN No- 978-0-557-50111-3 4-Taliban War in Afghanistan-ISBN No-978-0-557-50119-9 5-Military Leadership and Decision Making-ISBN N0-978-0-557-50123-6 6-Sepoy Rebellion of 1857-59 Reinterpreted-ISBN No-978-0-557-51380-2 7-Pakistan Army through eyes of Pakistani Generals-ISBN No- 978-0-557-50171-7 8-Indo Pak Wars-A Strategic and Operational Analysis-ISBN No-978-0-557-51984-2
Interests History, Military Affairs, Turkey, Kurdistan, Military History, USSR, tanks, Roman Empire, army, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Putin, military, Gankovsky, Russia, Roman Military History, Byzantine Military History, Crusades, Italy, Russia, Russian Military History, special forces, special operations, piracy, history of piracy, somali pirates, modern sea piracy, korea, korean military history, taiwan, women, Ireland, IRA, Israel, Women in the army, US Civil War, human trafficking, Aviation, aircrafts, Attack Helicopters, Navy, Naval History, Submarines, Collection of shot guns, Austro Hungarian Empire, Jewish History, Anti Semitism History, Zionism, History of Zionism, Feminism, History of Feminism, Discrimination Research, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology, Rumania, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Afghan History, Low Intensity War, Politics, Geopolitics, Pakistan Army, Indian Army, Pakistan Army, British Indian Army, British Indian History, Afghan Wars, Soviet Afghan War, Trekking, Mountaineering, Balochistan, Iran, German General Staff, Russia, Russian Military History, Napoleon, Soviet Union, Red Army, China, Chinese Civil War, Vietnam, Vietnam War, Drug Trafficking, Balochistan drug Mafia, Kurd Drug Mafia, Afghan Drug Mafia, Central Asian Drug Mafia, Chinese Singkiang, Russian Mafia, Balkan Mafia, Italy, Italian Mafia, Serbia, Bosnia, Georgia, Armenia, Chechnya, Classical Music, Anais Nin, Anton Chekhov, Intelligence, Intelligence History, Spanish Civil War, South America, South American Military History, Manstein, Poland, Polish Military History, Finland, Finnish Military History, Mongolia, Mongol Military History, Japan, Japanese Military History, Tanks, Tank Warfare, Armour, Handling of Armour, Personality Theory, Psychology, transactional Analysis, Lenin, Stalin, Biography, Philosophy, Emmanuel Kant, Karl Marx, Marxism, Communism, Guerrilla Warfare, Armed Insurrection, Psychcological warfare, Deception operations, Theory of Strategic Deception, Finance, Project Management, Economics, Literature, Short Stories, sniping, sniper rifles, armaments, special weapons, cartography, maps, antique maps
Favorite Movies War and Peace, Soviet Russian English version, Night of Generals, Henry and June, Revenge, Flare Up, Raquel Welch, Sophia Lorraine, Demi Moore, Dr Zhivago, Gorky Park, Saat Din, any movie of dimple kappadia or tabu THE STATE IS A CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE SUPERIOR MAN. Terrorism is the war of the poor......and war is the terrorism of the rich.......Sir Peter Ustinov...... The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong but time and chance happeneth to them all--THE HOLY BIBLE NEITHER HOPE NOR FEAR
Favorite Music Favorite Music Cant live if living is without you (original) Id love you to want me (LOBO) On the Border (Al Stewart) Child of Vision (Super Tramp) Logical Song (Super Tramp) Strangers in the Night (Frank Sinatra) If you go away (Terry Jacks) When I need you (Randy Crawford) I told you I loved you but I lied (Michael Bolton) Feelings (Albert Morris) Sand Storm (La Bionda) Gogosh Moeen Iranian "Gozashteh" Moeens song Andy (Iranian) Surraya (Tajiki) Barbara Streisand (Woman in love)Maneejha (Tajiki) K.L Sehgal Mukesh Mohammad Ali Shehki Tchaikovsky Rimsky Korsakov Strauss Child of Vision Super Tramp Hello Desert Rose Lionel Richie Michael Bolton Brotherhood of Man Sandstorm Gypsy Carmina Burana Rimsky Korsakovs Scherezade Swan Lake Theme Music Lawrence of Arabia
Favorite Books Favorite Books On war War and Peace Professor Gankovsky Anna Karennina Jack London Martin Eden They Met at Gettysburg Edward J Stackpole The Rebel by Albert Camus Man and Islam by Dr Ali Shariati Lenin by David Shub Grey Wolf by Armstrong Delta of Venus by Anais Nin Maupassants Short Stories Sabres of Paradise by Lesley Blanch My Life and my loves Frank Harris Brothers Karamazov From Double Eagle to Red Flag by General Krasnov Mikhail Sholokhov Dr Zhivago