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Introduction Hello, I'm fourth year graduate student advised by Dr. Franz Franchetti at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I'm a member of the Spiral group ( whose goal is to automate domain expert programmers in the field of scientific computing. The basic idea is that for critical scientific codes one typically hires a specialized programmer who is a dual expert in the mathematics of the problem and the architecture of the hardware, this is costly and unsustainable. The goal of the project is to capture the expert in an automated system which we can then provide a formal specification of a problem and in turn receive fully tuned code that implements that problem. This project is a natural fit for me because my interests are in scientific and high performance computing, computer architecture, graph algorithms, artificial intelligence and computational linear algebra. I received my bachelors in both computer science and mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin where I was advised by Dr. Robert van de Geijn. Aside from that I'm a pretty easy going guy who loves to help people out with tricky and interesting problems.